Tavvi Life

  • New Patterns You'll Love

    Finally. It finally happened. We have had these ADORABLE new patterns for a while now, but there are now available online. It's amazing how life can get in the way of getting things done, no?  You can peep the new designs here. Good luck out there! 
  • Travel Time?

    You may or may not know this, but we usually spend the majority of our spring/summer on the road with the jewelry biz doing art festivals (this is how Tavvi was born!). Obviously this year has been...different. At first I really enjoyed the break. The travel can be exhausting, there are very few ...
  • So...we're still doing this, eh?

    Well, here we are. In July. In a pandemic. Yowza.  If you're anything like us, you have been vacillating between extreme productivity (sourdough bread and an organized makeup drawer, anyone?), and extreme day drinking (we only had gin for breakfast once, mom). We will be happy to get off this "co...